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5 Game Orders (Part2)

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Master 5 Game Orders

5 Game Orders (五個遊戲節奏 )
Stop and Move, Gather and Disperse, Take Turns, Grouping, Calm Down

When we play games, we will learn game orders through interactions (discipline and politeness). First, we need to take turns listening to others' order and build it as a habit (communication), learn to stop, become willing to team up with different people and interact with them, know the gather and disperse points, and lastly of course, learn about win and lose, and can calm down even with happy or excited emotion.

Take Turns

Let children learn to wait patiently

When children are well-practiced with the rules of game, a child who performs positive behavior will be chosen to be the leader. Select a child who listens to instructions patiently, plays one’s best, values and respects safe behavior.

While selecting, indicate the reason clearly why the child is selected, to let other children mimic the good behavior.

When children understand that “Good behavior will be appreciated and recognized, and one may earn the chance of becoming the leader.”, they will be happy to mimic and repeat the “ideal behavior”, and learn from each other.

When the children are used to playing together, they will get the required self-discipline, and they will play different games with their own versions politely and orderly during Free Play.

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A-Z Concerts

★"Take Turns" Focus Team work

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The conveyor belt

Teamwork take turns

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Let people know each other, and try different kinds of combinations of groups, so children can interact and play with different kinds of people.

Parents can also observe the effect of their children grouping with different people, e.g. children with certain strength will help children who are not good at that aspect, boys and girls, and introverted and extroverted children, etc.

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Likes and Dislikes

Grouping; Making friends

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Ready to serve!

Grouping; leadership; communication

 Game:“Rally Point”
Associating, categorization, gather and disperse

How to play
Use tape to mark a rally point on the floor that can fit all players, player 1 says some features and “Rally up”, others find items that suits and take them back to the rally point; player 1 says “Go back”, others return the items to their original places and get back to the rally point.

Calm Down

“Calm down” must be learnt and well-practiced before emotional fluctuation. The earlier the children are used to deep breathing, the better emotional control they can have.
The standard number of continuous breaths taken is 5, and the time of breathing out should be longer than that of breathing in, to achieve the best effect one should breathe 10 times continuously.
Uses color while breathing, it will become “Rainbow Breathing”! Let children think about happy experiences that are related to color.

It is very effective in recalling happy memories. Deep breathing before sleep is the best way to recall the happy memories of a whole day.

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​Try Out

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Divide into different groups for daily activities/games at home based on everyone's common preferences. For example, today kids pair up with their mother to the market, because they all likes to eat mangoes

Try take turns to lead the game, and then let kids to choose the next leader. See how the game atmosphere changes

Practice deep breathing with your child before sleep, breathe in 10 times continuously

Parents can demonstrate it, when children irritate you, take deep breaths and regain your smile immediately, let the children mimic and learn using deep breathing

I can do it!

Asset 18.png

We would take turns to lead the game during play

I have tried at least 3 different ways of Grouping

I can identify the elements of game orders present in different games

I understood the definition of the 5 game orders

I have practiced "rainbow breathing" with the child frequently

Welcome to upload video clips of playing games with children in less than one minute (for those who are interested). Our Play Education experts will give feedback.

The video will not be published/used without consent, and will be deleted within 2 months after giving feedback

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