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Conceptual Theme Song

Play Education is a treasure hunt game

Treasure Hunt

Theme Song: Treasure Hunt尋寶遊戲 - 完整版 Full version.mpRachel
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(Singing in Chinese)

Sing along animated music video

Let's Sing~

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Interactive Dance Moves

Let's dance~

Music production behind-the-scene

Rub and roll sky clouds

Write my dreams on white

Draw on the rainbow by my window 

Hide and seek on my treasure map

My nose smells, inhale rainbow soufflé

My mouth seals, exhale yummy bit by bit

My ears hear, knock my door here

Home sweet home, play house there

Tiptoe, heel-toe, come and go

Get the ball rolling to our goal

Rub and roll sky clouds

Write my dreams on white

Let’s take an adventure in the forest

Explore and follow my treasure map

Look around for a rainbow

Eyes wide open journey ahead, the world is open for you

Think of you and draw my dreams awaiting you

Make a wish with a smiley face, a box is best to place


Missing each other, the more and more I draw

Count one after another, treasure box is open for you

Find my name in the game; Take my role on the road

Find my traits in the treasure hunt lalalalalala


(Arranged Music)

Let me play to find out who I am

Let’s explore and bring the world more

Appreciate you, appreciate me

(Sing along)Bring the world more joy

(Sing along)Laughing together, singing together

(Sing along)Bring the world more hope

Lalalalala Lalalala Lalalalalala

(Sing along)

Say goodbye to the sky clouds (So missing)

Write my dreams on white (So colourful)

Paint a rainbow of life (So beautiful)

Find my inner treasure (I found it)

Lyricist:    Dr Sylvia (廖秀卿博士)

Composer:   Rachel

Arranger:   Rachel

Main Artist:   Rachel

Remixer:   Edwin

Featured:   張煦樂  張煦和

               侯諾泓  侯諾溰    

Release date: 2020 DEC

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Showcases of the open singing challenge

Medley by kids🍡

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