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Framework and Overview of

On-site Training Support at School

Parent Seminar 
The seminar allows parents to have first-hand experiences with interactive games, follow up with an explanation session which includes practical tips and techniques on parent-child interactions for playing games at home.  Supported by the research of Dr Sylvia Liu on the current social competence in the community, this session aims to help parents to understand further what Play Education is by identifying the positive relationship between playing interactive games and social-emotional learning. 

Parent Workshop

The experiential learning workshops provide both technique illustrations and practices of Play Education with our professional game trainers.  The parents would learn different skills, from giving instructions to lead game activities, encouraging children with positive reinforcement, facilitating reflections, to designing interactive games in order to develop children’s social-emotional learning. The parents would also be able to reconnect with their innate joy, sensitivity and playfulness as a child by participating in these interactive games with children.  This workshop would be complemented with feedback from our trainers during the debriefing sessions.

Parent In-class Practice

The in-class practice sessions provide valuable opportunities for the parents to apply and hone the Play Education concepts and techniques learned from the parent workshops.  The parents will be guided to rehearse the games and apply the skills under different themes each session, and will receive a recap and some feedback from our professional game trainers afterwards.  This session aims to boost parents’ confidence and skills in facilitating interactive games with children.