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Learning Play Education Online

​「We Play Before We Learn」 Experience Play Education
「KICK-START Play Tour」
 Not just a simple play tour!

Play Education「KICK-START Play Tour」Road Map

Follow the steps below, kick-start to play so easy:
1. Download learning manual1, easy reference
2.  Through game, teach your children to "Follow and act instantly"
3. Understand the basics of Play Education

If you like Taking Action, take the Action Line and play!
If you like Learning Concepts, take the Wisdom Line and gain more!

Let us experience the joy and benefits of Play Education

"Educate" children with laughter, using "Play" magic formula

Let's play a game, please give me a "SMILE😄"~
Well Done! 👍

A little challenge for you, "Do you see the colour RED nearby?"
Did you use your EYES? Nice try! I appreciate your efforts👍

Try to recall...
Were you willing to follow the instructions?
How did you feel when you were praised
What is the effect of these positive affirmation?
How to use these techniques to get along with children?

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This is your first experience of the
"Play Education" magic formula

開心互動玩 + 捕捉正面好行為 + 回味反思
Enjoy interactive play + 
Appreciate good social emotional behaviour
Reflect together


"Play Education" is to educate children via interactive play;

"Education" is to Teach and Nurture

Teach is to take the initiative to guide;

    Nurture is to provide the learning environment

 Let children explore ways to "learn to learn", learn to learn by themselves

Given the learning process if fun and children are interested in learning,

    this is Play

Download Play Education

An Introduction to Play Education (in PDF)

Reference book of the KICK-START Play Tour

building the habit of playing happily with your child

and enjoying the fun of playing together,

you can become children's honey!

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Let's Play Now
(Game demonstration: "Follow and Act Instantly")


Follow and Act Instantly

★Focus of attention, Reaction

Both sides have to have a mood and tone of playing
Give each other a thumbs up after they've done well
It would be fun by taking turns to be the leader to give instructions
It's a pass when the other player responds to the order immediately

Key points of the game

Clear instructions = simple and direct =
easy-to-understand ways to play for children

Building the habit of "follow and act instantly" by making use of Play

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Children are most willing to cooperate with playing!
How wonderful is it if children are used to hearing your voice and following your instructions right away!

Play Tips

Try for the first time when your child is in a good mood, and the success rate will be boosted!

Don't be discouraged if children disobey for the first time. The purpose of this game is to cultivate the child's ability to listen and follow instructions. It lays the foundation for subsequent games.

​Try to use the actions/gestures the children likes to engage them

Try Now

Let children know what to do when they hear your voice, such as:
Ask children to get something for you (e.g. tissue paper)
Ask children to prepare slippers for daddy who just came home from work

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Welcome to upload video clips of playing games with children in less than one minute (for those who are interested). Our Play Education experts will give feedback.

The video will not be published/used without consent, and will be deleted within 2 months after giving feedback

! Surprise Supply Station!
Add more fun to "Follow and Act Instantly

Next Station:
the fundamental concepts of Play Education

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