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Community Outreach

The Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project would also organize, participate and advocate in various training courses, Play Education events and seminars.  These events cover not only kindergarten’s parent education and teacher professional development with partnered kindergartens, but also other families and communities from all over Hong Kong. 

8-10 December 2021

Learning and teaching Expo 2021(「學與教博覽」2021)

A group of trained volunteers and game ambassadors are full of confidence in this event, leading the visitors to play interactive games, including parents of kindergarten students, volunteers from the Agency for Volunteer Service, game trainers and game ambassadors of a senior citizen association.

The visitors to Booth B22 of the Jockey Club "Play n Gain" Project included experienced educators, school teachers and parents that they tried out the "Game Theory Corner" and interactive games. They enjoyed it very much and exchanged ideas with each other.

Public Seminars (Summary)

12 November 2021

Teacher professional development :Positive Play Experiential Workshop


The Jockey Club "PlaynGain" Project conducted a teacher professional development training on 12 Nov 2021 for 94 teachers from 14 kindergartens.  During the professional development training, teachers learnt games to help children relax and how to add positive elements in the classroom.

15 December 2019

The Education Bureau Public Talk for Parents“Positive Me, Positive Kid”


The Project Director of the Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project, Dr Sylvia Liu, shared with parents how to adapt positive parenting in daily lives with abundant tips on games at home to further practice Play Education, which could help children develop the necessary social-emotional competence to succeed in 21st century. This process starts with capturing the children right behaviours and showing good examples at home as role models, eventually these practices could help parents nurture confident and optimistic children who know how to appreciate, as well as develop strong bonding with children and their social-emotional learning. 

19 October 2019 (SAT)

The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Public Talk for Teachers

(家福會「遊共情」- 如何支援幼童情緒社交發展教師講座)

The Project Director of the Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project, Dr Sylvia Liu, spoke on how interactive games can support the development of children through experiential learning.  The teachers experienced gamified teaching activities that will assist them in adding interactive game elements into their daily teaching. 

23 June 2019 (SAT)

Play Education Public Talk at the University of Hong Kong

The talk analysed the social phenomena in the 21st Century and illustrated how interactive games can contribute to the development of children's social skills.  The talk also demonstrated techniques of facilitating face-to-face interactive games for teachers and parents so they can broaden the ways to communicate with their children.

23 February 2019 (SAT)

The Kindergarten Teacher Development Day, Eastern District, Hong Kong


The Project Director of the Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project, Dr Sylvia Liu, illustrated the theme of “Play Education with Hong Kong DNA” (富香港 DNA 特色的遊戲教育) for the principals and teachers from more than 40 kindergartens. This seminar also provides a Play Education workshop for teachers to experience gamified teaching activities during the talk that will assist them in implementing game elements in their daily teaching.