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Game Props


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Artboard 78 copy.jpg

"Day Day Play"

Game Card 

41 interactive games

7 different series

Play with more fun variations using these game cards

Artboard 78 copy 3.jpg

Happy Heart

24 scenarios cars with positive and negative emotions. Designed with family as background, aimed to train child's ability to comprehend and express emotions

Artboard 78 copy 2.jpg

Appreciation Memo

Through writing/drawing a memo, both kids and adults can share positivity and it is a fantastic way for kids to learn be thankful and appreciative

Artboard 78 copy 4.jpg

Jolly Lolly

A box of two sets of game cards, training short term hearing and visual memory skills, as well as waiting and early social skills

Artboard 78.jpg

Fairy Variety Card

4 coloured-theme

play individually or mixing themes

learning 3S social competence and communication through play interaction

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