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Numerous interactive game examples,

demonstrated with Cartoon animation Comics Play video games 

Let's pick your favourite games and play now !

(Comic and videos in Chinese only)

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Joyous n Fun

Group Interactive Games

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Readily Available

Handy Interactive Games

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Learn to Learn

Housework Interactive Games

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The definition of play in the Jockey Club “Play n Gain” Project:

Not just a medium of teaching, PLAY is a happy language used for communication. 

The talents of every child could be recognized through the interactive process during play.


The Project utilised interactive games to foster the social competence of the child and prepare them for the “Free Play” advocated by the Education Bureau (EDB).  Through play interactions with the other children and adults (parents and teachers), the child would learn taking turns, patience, perspective taking, appreciation of self and others and other social skills.  The usage of props in this process is only secondary, the most important element is human interactions.

The Project would provide children the opportunities, environments and playmates for interactive games so they will develop their social and emotional competence through playing together. The more participants the project has, the better the project can promote the culture of PLAY, to “Play interactive games everywhere with anyone at any time” extending from kindergartens to families and communities.

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"Play" is...

If you want to play smoothly and effectively,

you must teach your child

5 Game Orders (5G)

The grammar in the play language

What is a "good game"

Am I playing a "good game"?

Playful +

Safe +


= Good Game

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