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5 Game Orders (part1)

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Master 5 Game Orders

5 Game Orders (五個遊戲節奏 )
Stop and Move, Gather and Disperse, Take Turns, Grouping, Calm Down

When we play games, we will learn game orders through interactions (discipline and politeness). First, we need to take turns listening to others' order and build it as a habit (communication), learn to stop, become willing to team up with different people and interact with them, know the gather and disperse points, and lastly of course, learn about win and lose, and can calm down even with happy or excited emotion.

Stop and Move (停動)

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Little Fish Swim

★"Stop and Move" listen to orders   observation

Game order starts with "Stop and Move"

When the game starts, children can follow and act instantly, stop when they are told to, and act immediately upon request

When children stop and move appropriately, the game can be added with variations and levels, to make the game more fun

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Gather and Disperse (集散)

A suitable area should be designated for children to gather before playing, and also used when the game finishes

Children need to know the area for playing, so that they won't roam aimlessly

If danger is expected during play, children need to know how to avoid collision, and maintain safety distance

Children disobeying rules during play will be invited to a designated area to calm down

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Magic Chair

★Way to proper move a chair

"Gather and Disperse"

G03 Game Card.jpg
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Birdie Take Off

★"Gather and Disperse" formation

lining up

Rhythm Games Series G01: "Rally Up"


Objectives: Association, categorization, gathering and dispersing


How to play: Use tape to mark a rally point on the floor that can fit all players, player 1 says some features and "Rally up", others find items that suits and take them back to the rally point; player 1 says "Go back", others return the items to their original places and get back to the rally point.

Try Now

During play interaction, try to observe and find out children's strengths and good behaviors and give concrete compliments, with body language. Their improvement and change may surprise you!

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I Can Do It!

Having tried "5 Game Orders", isn't it amazing?
Are you able to:

Have mastered "Stop and Move" with children. Children can Act and Follow Instantly

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Have at least 3 examples of Follow and Act Instantly in daily life

Have mastered "Gather and Disperse' with children. Children can tell the gather area and area of playing before the game

Have tried to find out the strengths of children during play interaction

Welcome to upload video clips of playing games with children in less than one minute (for those who are interested). Our Play Education experts will give feedback.

The video will not be published/used without consent, and will be deleted within 2 months after giving feedback

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