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Social Star Mirror Model

Social Star Mirror Model

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There are five key elements in this research model "Social Star Mirror Model"(「社交閃星星」學習概念模型) , which are Play (連繫孩子 開心互動), Positive Reinforcement (捕捉優點 引導反思) , Parent Training (薪火相傳 易子而教), Programme (隨機應變 創意無限) and Point of Breakthrough (自製天機 零的突破). The 5P elements are closely linked with one another and they need to be used connectedly to facilitate the learning of social skills for the children through face-to-face interactive games. 


☆ "Mutual agreement comes first"
☆ 5 Game Orders
☆ Make use of 6 senses
☆ Take turns to be leader

Positive Reinforcement

☆ Encourage positive behaviours
☆ Make use of body languages

☆ Guide kids to reflect

Parent Training

☆ Approach kids with a young heart
☆ Build up confidence and ownership
☆ Lead and create games
☆ Able to work with other adults

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☆ Add interesting elements
☆ Game Setting (Safety)
☆ Game variations
(variations and levels)
☆ Game adjustments
(Blend in learning outcomes)

Point of Breakthrough

☆Create opportunities of success to build up kids' engagement 
☆ Continuous improvement
☆Confidence comes from I can do it

I Can Do It!

Have understood Social Star Mirror Model

Have tried applying Social Star Mirror Model in daily teaching/nurturing

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Welcome to upload video clips of playing games with children in less than one minute (for those who are interested). Our Play Education experts will give feedback.

The video will not be published/used without consent, and will be deleted within 2 months after giving feedback

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