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Our "Mutual agreement comes first"

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Our "Mutual agreement comes first"

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1 Pick up your childlike heart and play interactively with children

2 Play different games and communicate with children humorously

3 Pay attention to traits and catch them doing right during the game 

First of all, please make the following agreement with us:

The "Mutual agreement comes first" can also be set between you and your children, becoming tacit between the both of you.

You can discuss the agreement's content with your child and stick to it together, which is like setting up simple ground rules in the house.

1 Follow and act instantly - makes sure the game can be played smoothly 

2 Be safe - the game should be stopped immediately if there are dangers

3 Be respectful and mannered - respect other people and things

Have you encountered situations like these when you interact with Children?

I didn't promise you!

You didn't say it!

Why didn't you say it sooner!

Play Tips

Before any activity starts, you can try to set 3 ground rules for everybody to follow. Since children also take part in and has agreed and understood the rules, you will need to remind them when a situation comes up, and everybody will be happy to continue following the rules.

Try Now

What are the possible "Mutual agreement comes first" rules that can be set with children before these daily activities?

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Going on a trip
Playing in the park
Attending a friend's birthday party

Play the following game with children. Set "Mutual agreement comes first" rules first and see what will happen!

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Find Colour Object

Observation Focus Vocabulary

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Body Language

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