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Making meaning out of it

Upgrade: How to Play More Meaningfully

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Play Education


Enjoy good game



Make meaning out of it

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During playing

make meaning out of it

After Playing

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Catch them doing right


Reinforce positive social behaviour

Encourage reflection

Enjoy playing

Recall the whole process

Catch children doing right during play

When you play with your child, would you offer praise? How do you offer praise to your child? "You are smart! Smart boy! Smart girl! Good thinking…"

When you praise your child, have you ever thought of indicating what exactly he/she does right? Such as:
"I appreciate you listening to the instructions carefully!"
"I appreciate you stop immediately when you are told, you have quick and accurate reflexes!"
"I appreciate you keep on trying even if you fail the first time!"
"I appreciate you can do it actively without a reminder…"

Use body language to praise

Catch them doing right demonstration (online interactive play)

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Immediate concrete compliments + Encouragement

Specific reasons

Encourage your child to reflect and recall after play

Try to recall the moments and feelings during play together after play

Which game do you like most?Which part do you like the most in that game?

Which game do you like most? Which part do you like the most in that game?

How can we make the game more fun? Yes, let's try to play in that way next time!

Thank you for playing with me! I am happy to play with you!

Use Rainbow breathing games to consolidate happy experiences.
Rainbow breathing before going to bed is the best choice to reminisce about the happy moments of the whole day.
Take a look at the play story between "Merry and her Dad"!

I can do it!

Recall the game with your child after play

We all enjoy the fun from interaction

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Deep breathing with your child after play

Welcome to upload video clips of playing games with children in less than one minute (for those who are interested). Our Play Education experts will give feedback.

The video will not be published/used without consent, and will be deleted within 2 months after giving feedback

Upload Clips

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