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DayDayPlay@Home Housework Game Series

C01-C06 "Camping" Games

How to experience the excitement of camping at home? Active and energetic in the day and sleep over night in a tent?


It is easily achievable by laying a piece of bed sheet or towel on two chairs with tall backrest!


If you wish to sleep on the bed, you can pile up pillows on the two ends of the bed, and again laying a piece of bed sheet on top. Done!

Let’s construct your own special tent at home!

💡 Play Tips

With a bit of creativity, your home can be magically transformed into different sceneries for different thematic activities with kids. Let’s bring you imagination alive!

Sharing from parent

"My older girl designed four corners for the tent: Make-up & dressing area; Kitchen area and also an exclusive area for her little brother!

💡 Play Tips

We can sketch and draw to record this unqiue home compaing experience and tent, and aftertaste the joyful moments with kids.

Camping game.JPG
C01 Game Card.jpg

Packing backpack can be full of fun! It can also train up our ability to adapt to changes!

Let's invite kids to pick 10 objects to bring along with, guess what would they bring?

You can also ask kids about the reason they pick the object.  And, If the object they want is unavailable, what can be the alternative.   

Tent is ready, backpack is packed, how to take car and ferry?

C02 Game Card.jpg

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

They might answer: “by public transportation would need Octopus card/by daddy’s car would need to fasten seat belt/by ferry would need to step on the pedal/by plane would have airplane meal… …”


“I see.  So how should we do?”


Next, let kid demonstrate how to do.  Kids would be very glad to tell you and to do together with you. As long as you follow enthusiastically and ask have we arrived?  Then you would eventually arrive at the destination. 


What to do upon arrival to the destination?

💡 Play Tips

Get back your childlike heart, relax and follow kids to play and experience together with kids! 

Let’s try “Trail running adventure” at home. 

We might have less exercise recently, but it doesn’t really matter as we can still sweat at home.  We can make use of stuffs from home to set some obstacles and come over those obstacles by different ways. We give a tip, you can design the scene according to your home’s environment! Of course, the most important is to set rules with kids and all are willing to obey the rules!

Tissue paper box – need to jump over it

Small chair – round 2 rounds around the chair

Sofa – need to creep to move forward

Bed – roll over from the front to the end of the bed

Slippers – according to the direction of the slippers to jump by single or both foot

Cushion – laid on it and act like swimming


Seems we have not cooked and never had experience staying over outside.

C03 Game Card_1.jpg

Are you ready to get your flashlight and be a detective with me?

Oh, two days before the camping, I did pack my favorite apple and my black jacket, why they are not here now?  Would they be hidden by the naughty monkey?

💡Play Tip

Parents can take out 1-2 objects and increase the level according to the actual situation. To take turns be the monkey and detective, you test kids and vice versa!

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

C04 Game Card.jpg

To cook an instant noodle takes 3 minutes, actually how long is 3-minute time? Let's count!

Firstly, with your imagination to set a stove and prepare charcoal. (Give you 30 seconds to imagine. OK, let's start counting!)

Sometimes when we ask kids "wait for a moment", how long is that moment? We can make use of timer to count together with kids and let them feel the actual timing.

Let's start from 5 seconds and see who can guess most accurately! Just like need to sing how many songs we can finish cooking an instant noodle (3 mins)!

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

C05 Game Card.jpg

After eating full in the camping, we participate in campfire ball, we can already hear music with strong rhythm from far far away.

When we approached there, we found the campfire ball is different from the usual one.  We need to make our own dancing steps and remember others' motion. It's really exciting!

C06 Game Card_1.jpg

After dinner and the campfire ball, let's watch stars

Hey, where are those stars?

We can switch off all lights at home and get into the tent, then use a flashlight to flash on the tent, then you will see sparkling star. You can also turn it on and off then you would see the star sparkling.

When lying inside the tent, we can also pretend to be watching animals. To name some features of animals and let others to guess.

"I see an animal who has long black hair and using its hands to beat its chest. Guess what's it?"

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

Appreciate and praise

Sister is responsible for cooking during the process whilst brother helps to prepare dinning table setup. 

Cooperating with each other.

💡 Play Tip

During the play process, there might be different ad hoc situations happened. It needs certain problem-solving ability. To play and practice more for training problem solving skill.

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