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DayDayPlay@Home Housework Game Series

P01-P05 Picture Book Series

P01 Game Card..jpg

Every kid loves to listen to stories, but have you thought about some more creative ways to tell or read a story, or let kids to read for you?

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

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P03 Game Card..jpg

Asking kids to tidy up toys can be easy and simple!

When kids put back the books to where they belong, we should praise them concretely and precisely. This can help strengthen their positive behavior and give them motivation to repeat.

💡 Play Tips

"Let’s play a game, how would you like to arrange your books today? According to height or colour?"


Kids will be happy to cooperate when they are given the right to choose and there are different options.

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

P04 Game Card..jpg
P05 Game Card..jpg

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

Many people have played word solitaire game.  We can also play book solitaire game.  We can found the surface of book (e.g. size, height and color) and types of content with similarity.  To make use of those features to let books solitaire together.  See how long we can make?

💡 Play Tips

Bear in mind to give enough time, when kids have not been able to figure out, can give some hints to assist them.

When kids manage to solitaire a book, don't forget to praise them with their big discovery, then they would have motive to explore more.

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