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DayDayPlay@Home Housework Game Series

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

H01-H09 Housework Games

H01 Game Card_1.jpg

If you want kids are willing to do housework, can intervene with a simple game.

To draw different kinds of simple housework and use a game called “ghostly ladders” to let kids to draw a line to find out the simple housework of the day.  They will be happy to finish it.


💡 Play Tips

Little task has to be something within kids' ability to achieve, so as to make them have sense of success. The utmost important is when finish a task, adult must show appreciation and praise them to strengthen good social-emotional behaviours.

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

H02 Game Card_2.jpg

Packing toys should be the responsibility of kids but a lot of time they are not willing to do.  Adult would blame them lack of responsibility and help them to pack at the same time.  That would be difficult to bring up sense of responsibility from kids.

Today, let's play the basic level of (practice) packing toys, and play upper level two days later so as to play different games on a daily basis.

💡 Play Tips

When kid puts toys into suitable toy boxes, parents can pretend to be a particular toy and talk to kid: "Thank you for sending me home!". Kids not only learn to classify different types of toy but also demonstrate how to be grateful.  One stone kill two birds!


(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

H03 Game Card.jpg

Whilst packing toys, can learn statistics, it's a bargain, right? As long as parents accompany kids to pack toys and guide them with interaction, it would not be packing toys only.

💡 Play Tips

Kids write a “team name” or use simple painting to express and stick it on each toy box.  This is the "standard" already.

Let kids have a look on the label prior to the game. It would be more easy to memorize by their own hand writing/drawing.

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

E09 card.jpg

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

How to bring up kids' sense of responsibility through play?

After game, put back stuffs into box and tidy them up so as to facilitate next round.  No need to send lost toys home.  Every time tidy up after game, this is the standard.

Let kids get used to tidy up toys after play, this is their responsibility.

Today, we play final level of packing toys, "toys are home"

1/ Kids take out few toys from each box to play, can mix and match freely within the time frame (say, 10 minutes).

2/ "Toys home"! See how long you take to send toys home.

3/ Very accurate! Other than praise kids by words, can also reward them by giving them double toys or double time to play.

💡 Play Tips

To include sense of humor, when kids find different types of toy being put into wrong toy box, can talk to kids likes getting lost or went to a wrong home: "kid, after playing together, please be reminded to go home and rest!"

H04_Game Card.jpg
H05_Game Card.jpg

In the game "sweeping out rainbow" process, kids have learnt basic skill of sweeping.  Today, we play a motion version, other than using both hands to sweep, can also use foot sweep the floor.  

💡 Play Tips

After ice skating, we can check the towel and see what can we find out from there (might be dust or hair), let kids know why we need to clean up frequently and can see the effect of clean up from the towel.  After that need to clean up both hands!

Let kids think other than towel, what can we make use to clean up? Ask them why or why not. It draws inferences about other cases from one instance.

E10 card.jpg

To make kids work harder, first need to let them have sense of success.

Housework game should start from basic to higher level. Let kids start with the level they have confidence to play (finish), not necessary to begin with challenging difficult level.  As long as building up joy and relaxing atmosphere, both parents and kids can enjoy the play process and create happy memory together.  When kids finish task and have sense of success, they can build up confidence too.

When we have kids to help sweeping floor, we can mix the skill they need to learn into game.  Points to note:

1/ Start from small area and let kids have sense of success.

2/ Upon completion, let kids review on their own, appreciate their own results, and let kids to choose the next area.

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

H06 Game Card.jpg

💡 Play Tips

Start from toys and let kids grasp the concept and motion, not necessary to start from real tidy up and clean up.

To make more fun, include room for imagination to stimulate 5 senses, it would then create more fun. "hey, why is there a jet on the water?"

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

H07 Game Card.jpg

We need to act with flexibility, we can test kids’ resilience in the daily life. If there is just a piece of tissue, can still clean up the table or not?

The fun point is to overcome challenges step by step during the process.  To clean up stain can bring sense of excitement, like playing shooting balls game, step by step shooting all targets.    

Bear in mind to appreciate feasible method: "Great! Well done!"

💡 Play Tips

After clean up, to appreciate the result together with kids, stop and watch, can also take a picture and see how clean it is. If it is a flat surface, can stand in front of it and watch the shadow of ourselves.  It's fun!

When kids need to pack stuffs, can make use of this game!

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

E11 card.jpg

When kids need to pack stuffs, can make use of this game!

Let kids discover and finish, packing and clean up work would become a fun. During the process of doing housework, it helps to stimulate kids to explore and develop their curiosity.  When kids feel learning skills and related skills are a fun game, different challenges in daily life would become fun games.   

Kids through packing their own toys, helping to clean up living place and tidy up clothes, etc. housework, not only can experience a family should cooperate with each other but also to learn knowledge/skill/attitude to finish different tasks from life.

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

H08 Game Card.jpg

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

To practice with kids some basic folding skills, can try to challenge higher level of folding big blanket. Today, let’s start with (grasp) the basic folding skill first! Game tips: "can take turns with kids, you fold once, I fold once, and appreciate each other's concentration during the folding moment."

"For young kids, can prepare paper and fold with some lines in advance and unfold for kids to follow easily. It makes kids easier to grasp the skills."

Challenging mission:

"If kids already managed to grasp the folding skill, parents can play folding T-shirt together with kids. Lay flat the T-shirt, 1) fold the left and right sides in half; 2) fold the sleeves in; 3) fold the bottom to the top; these 3 steps are done!"

Practice first and let's challenge the next folding blanket mission.

H09 Game Card.jpg

Having hassle from folding blanket every morning? As long as giving kids opportunity to practice and include "magic tone", then you can finish mission with kids easily!

Of course need to do it together with kids.  Have you grasped the basic folding skill? Let's accept challenge of big blanket, bedsheet or quilt!

Play tips: "kills three birds with one stone:

1/Sense of excitement from managing big object

2/Cooperate together, folding big towel or blanket, enjoy sense of satisfaction from finishing together

3. To satisfy kids' curiosity by amplifying object

"To make it more attractive and fun, to gradually proceed and take note of kids' ability and reaction.  When touching a corner with another corner of the blanket, include sound effect (e.g. wow/bang bang), it's interactive with fun."

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

E12 Card.jpg

(Chinese Only) Play Instructions in English Coming Soon!

Play Education Specialist: "how to trigger kids’ motive to actively finish mission?"

To trigger motive, the mission has to be simple and easy to complete, can adjust afterwards, encourage them to complete daily. May assist kids at the beginning and make them easy to achieve with sense of achievement and be willing to continue. 

Measure achievements: Kids to schedule their daily tasks (3-5 tasks), upon completion of the day, give them a piece of their favorite sticker as token, to appreciate how do they make it and let them stick on their diary/calendar. Moving towards by finishing task and obtain sticker daily.


Can also discuss and agree in advance, after achieving 5 stickers, can give kids a small wish, they can also accumulate them until 10 stickers for a big wish (no of stickers and wishes can be reviewed on a regularly basis).

Something can be seen, can be touched can bring with sense of satisfaction. The calendar recording kids' result exclusively belongs to kids.  It brings them sense of ownership.

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