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Body Language

Make use of body language:
communicating with common body languages

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Game demonstration

Use the mood of playing during practice. Merge the gestures into daily life and make them become a habit, so as to have effect

Key points of the game

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The 10 Body Gestures

★Appreciate and communicate with body language

Have consensus with children, and use the body gestures as a two-way communication tool

You may also create your own gestures with your children, and have a secret code between you and them.

What kind of body gestures will you do under the circumstances below?

Children are performing on stage, and you want to encourage them!

When you are making an important phone call!

Children actively greet someone!

Encourage children to try harder again!

Play Tips

Communication between people relies more than half on our body language and tone!

Try Now

Please try to design a unique body gesture with children and record it down.  Children's ideas may amaze you!

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I Can Do It!

Merge body language into daily life

Use body language such as Nice Work, Little Tick, Big Tick, and Cheer Up to show appreciation

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Which body languages have you tried to merge in your daily life?

What is/are the unique body language(s) you created with your children?

Welcome to upload video clips of playing games with children in less than one minute (for those who are interested). Our Play Education experts will give feedback.

The video will not be published/used without consent, and will be deleted within 2 months after giving feedback

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